The Fractionator

The Fractionator is one result of an ongoing effort to find hands-on tools for students to develop understanding of fractions.


The purpose of the Fractionator is to draw and divide unit squares to model or represent fractions and then to create equivalent fractions allowing the student to solve the addition (or subtraction) problem.

The Really Short Fractionator Tutorial

fractionator tutorial

Fractionator Materials:

•Overheads (Word© Document) Print two sets on transparencies. Overhead Sets This will allow a demonstration modelling the first fraction and overlaying the grid for the second fraction (at right angles) to demonstrate the equivalent form.

•The Fractionator (GIF). Download this file and using either a graphics program or Word© (or similar), print out on card stock - have students cut out their own copy. The Fractionator

Tools: The demonstrations show a unique problem each time the script is called. New problems can be displayed with a click. The addition tool allows the student to enter their specific proper fraction addition problem.


Jeff LeMieux ©2005