Generate simulated experimental data!
  • Can be used for simulating a spinner with equal sized segments.
  • Use it to represent dice (segments=6 - one for each number, spins = rolls)
  • Coin tosses (segments=2 - one for heads, one for tails)
  • Shows and counts the outcomes.
  • Drawing "numbers" or letters (cards)
  • Let your imagination be your guide.
Enter the Number of Segments for the spinner:
Enter the number of trials:

    This is a low tech program - no high powered graphics, just some straight, useful data. This program is used in 7th and 8th grade math classes to simulate experimental results for spinning spinners and rolling dice, etc. While the act of actually using these items is useful, it can become tedious after a while. This data lets investigations proceed further. It is limited to a maximum 25 "segments" and 1000 "trials." If you would like a QBasic® program which allows many more trials, e-mail me. email graphic

Jeff LeMieux, March 2000