Updated Interactive Math Scripts Mar 2014
Jeff's K12 MathScript Page

Interactive Graphic Decimal to Fraction   Convert decimal inches to specified fractions, e.g., 0.625 to 5/8
Interactive Graphic Factor Pairs   List the factor pairs of a number
Interactive Graphic Factors and Prime Factors   List the factors and prime factors of a number
Interactive Graphic View Prime Numbers   Creates a graphic and a list of prime numbers up to the entered value
Interactive Graphic Compare Fraction Strips   Compare 2 fractions using fraction strips
Interactive Graphic Fraction to Decimal   Change a fraction to its decimal equivalent
Interactive Graphic Arranging Cubes   Arrangements of cubes in rectangular prisms with surface area
Interactive Graphic Multiple Coin Toss   Toss up to 10 coins for specified number of trials
Interactive Graphic Pythagorean Theorem   Enter two sides to find the solution for the third
Interactive Graphic Triangle Sides to Angles and Area   Enter side lengths to find the angles and area of a triangle Update 10/14
Interactive Graphic Terminate or Repeat?   Determine if a fraction is a terminating or repeating decimal
Interactive Graphic Solids Volume   Calculate the volume of a Cone, a Cylinder, or a Sphere
Interactive Graphic Graphic Solver for INTEGER arithmetic.   Solves integer arithmetic with graphic representations and numbers
Interactive Graphic 2 Simultaneous Linear Equations   Solving 2 simultaneous linear equations
Interactive Graphic 3 Simultaneous Linear Equations PR   Practice solving systems of 3 linear equations with 3 values
Interactive Graphic 3 Simultaneous Linear Equations   Tool to help solve systems of 3 linear equations with 3 values
Interactive Graphic Linear Equation - 2 points   Derive a linear equation from 2 points on a graph
Interactive Graphic Factorials   The Factorial Function: An explanation and solver.
Interactive Graphic Combinations   Determine the number of possible combinations of items
Interactive Graphic Permutations   Determine the number of possible permutations of items
Interactive Graphic About Exponents   How Exponents and Roots work
Interactive Graphic Arithmetic Sequence   Find a specific value in an Arithmetic Sequence(+/-)
Interactive Graphic Geometric Sequence   Find a specific value in a Geometric Sequence(×/÷)
Interactive Graphic Dimensions from a Chord   Layout and size of an arc segment from the chord length
Interactive Graphic x and y Table y=mx+b   Creates a table for values for x = -10 to x =+ 10
Interactive Graphic GCF and LCM   Calculates the GCF and LCM for a series of numbers.
Interactive Graphic Percentage Proportion Solver   Find the unknown part of a percent proportion.
Interactive Graphic Regular Proportion Solver   Find the unknown part of a regular proportion

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